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Spruse Up Any Space With Dark HardWood Floors

Upgrade any space with dark hardwood flooring. These sleek floors are luxurious, trendy, and upscale. Top-quality dark hardwood flooring offers endless options. The dark color can allow some species of wood’s signature grain to stand out. Additionally, they will last for years to come with proper maintenance because they are known for their durability. Get ready to be wowed by dark hardwood floors!

What is dark hardwood?

Dark hardwood floors offer a unique aesthetic. Their color can give lighter rooms a sense of contrast.

Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, these floors have you covered. Their versatility is what makes them special. 

Additionally, dark hardwood floors can easily camouflage flaws in the wood. It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to disguise gaps, marks, and other species imperfections with a darker stain.

Any space can achieve an instant upgrade with the right flooring. Check our diverse collection of dark hardwood floors today.

Choosing the Right Dark Wood Flooring for you

There are several ways to get dark hardwood floors. The options are choosing a naturally dark wood, such as walnut, or a light wood with a darker finish. 

When picking out the flooring, you should keep in mind that darker stains can be more difficult to clean. However, the natural beauty of dark hardwood is all the more reason to keep it in top shape. No matter the flooring you choose, our team has the cleaning supplies available to keep your hardwood floors in top shape.

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Understanding The Benefits Of Dark Hardwood Flooring

Dark hardwood floors come from various types of trees,  including walnut, mahogany, and teak. Its colors tend to be warmer, and range from brown to red hues. This wood is strong and durable.

Dark hardwood floors are a worthy investment. Here are some of the main reasons people make this choice:

  • Increases Property Value: Dark hardwood can be the highlight of any home or business. Because of its increasing popularity and high value, these floors are more likely to attract potential buyers.  
  • Grain stands out: Are you looking to make a statement? Cark maple stained floors which give it a unique look. Bold and beautiful, your space will never look dull with dark hardwood floors.
  • Sense of contrast: Lighter walls look fantastic with dark hardwood floors. It creates contrast and is interesting to look at. The eye is drawn to the floor because it’s the centerpiece of the space
  • Simple to update: No one wants to keep the same look forever or get stuck with floors that are beyond repair. Luckily, it’s easy to refinish even dark stained wood floors. 

Why Choose Champion Floor Company for Hardwood Floor Installation?

If you’re thinking about updating your space, our St. Louis flooring specialists can help. Dark hardwood floors can become the staple of any home or business. These quality hardwood floors add a touch of elegance while being durable and easy to refinish. 

Are you looking for dark floors that are made to last? Call or visit the Champion Floor Company showroom today.

Whether you're working on a residential or commercial project, we service all hardwood flooring installations.

Champion will help you choose the right wood floor for your project for your home, flip, or commercial project. Our vast selection of hardwood floors will allow you to customize your home or commercial space until your heart’s content.

We offer free consultation, expert installation, high-quality finishing, and quality results.

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