Different types of hardwood floors


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When it’s time for new flooring, always weigh your options. HOWEVER, hardwood is a popular choice for a reason. It’s elegant and durable. 

There are several types of hardwood flooring and shopping around allows you to choose the one that’s right for you. 

What are you waiting for? Check out these well “grounded” options!

prefinished hardwood flooring Pre-finished

The difference between pre-finished hardwood and regular hardwood flooring is that pre-finished is made to last even longer than regular hardwood. The durable flooring is covered with an aluminum oxide crystal seal during the manufacturing process. Choose this type of flooring if you’re looking for a cool look and minimal maintenance.

Site-finished Hardwood

Unlike its counterpart, post-finished flooring has a few extra steps. However, it offers a high level of customization, which makes your space stand out in a positive way. You can choose features such as the floor’s finish, sheen level and stain colors.

Wide Plank Hardwood

The wide plank hardwood come from the tree’s main trunk, making them durable and ideal for large rooms. There are less seams in the wood in a given area, so your floor looks less cluttered and busy.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners who want a classic, timeless look in their homes. It is available in a variety of wood species, finishes, and colors, allowing you to choose a look that complements your home’s décor. 

engineered hardwood floorEngineered Hardwood

The name rings true for engineered hardwood flooring. The boards are made up of several layers of hardwood and plywood. It’s also known to resist wear and tear for 20 to 30 years. If you’re looking for durable flooring, try using engineered  hardwood! 

European Hardwood

European hardwood flooring is a luxurious fan favorite. The timber comes from countries like France, Germany and England. In comparison to American hardwood, this flooring is much more beautiful to look at because of its unique wavy patterns. 

Light Hardwood

Open up your space with light hardwood flooring. Surprisingly, this type of flooring tends to show less dirt over time. Additionally, you have several color options that will look good everywhere from a modern home to a traditional ranch style. 

Dark Hardwood

Dark hardwood flooring is a classic style that never loses its charm. For a simple yet classy look, go dark. You can choose a glossy wood to make your floors sparkle or a distressed look for a rustic feel. Install this type of flooring in rooms with less foot traffic because it can be hard to clean.


This light-colored tree will surely spruce up your space! Maple flooring is whitish in color and is perfect for darker rooms. It creates a strong contrast and will make your room feel more open and inviting.

walnut hardwood flooringWalnut

Walnuts are for more than just eating. Walnut hardwood flooring is a “solid” choice. The wood is hard and has a diverse color palette. Sapwood and heartwood look completely different and create an amazing amount of contrast.


Water isn’t a problem for those with hickory hardwood flooring. It resists water damage and comes from the pecan tree. These floors don’t scratch easily and the staining can give any room a cabin-like feel.

Hardwood Stairs

To harmonize your stairs with the rest of your floors, consider hardwood stairs. Although hardwood is sometimes challenging to install depending on the layout, with a professional’s help, you get a beautiful end product. Pine, maple, and hickory are some of the most popular types of wood to use on stairs. 

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