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Engineered hardwood flooring is sure to give any space some flair

There are many benefits to choosing these man-made floors. Engineered hardwood planks undergo a rigorous manufacturing process before arriving in your space. Are you looking for attention to detail? Consider putting engineered hardwood flooring at the top of your list. Let’s discuss what makes these floors so exciting.

What is engineered hardwood?

Engineered hardwood planks are made up of five to seven layers of plywood. It consists of natural wood on top, regular wood on the bottom, and a strong center. The layers overlap in a crisscrossed pattern to create a stylish and timeless look. What makes engineered hardwood flooring so great? Here are just a few reasons people go with this awesome option:

  • Resists damage
  • Durability
  • Low price
  • Customization
  • Sustainability

Regular hardwood floors are more susceptible to damage than their engineered counterparts. The many layers of engineered hardwood floors protect them from moisture and temperature fluctuations. The planks don’t expand or contract, and can be installed in a variety of spaces.

Are you looking for floors that last a long time? Choose engineered hardwood. With multiple layers fused together, these floors take a long time to show signs of wear and tear, even in areas with high foot traffic. This cost-effective option gives you the look of solid hardwood floors without the hefty price tag. If you want an exotic wood floor, choosing the engineered option is more affordable than its counterparts. With a variety of colors and stains, the options for engineered hardwood floors are endless. Like solid wood, you can refinish these floors when you’re ready for a new look. Engineered hardwood floors are more environmentally friendly. The planks use fewer trees and often use recycled wood, so nothing goes to waste. Contact the St. Louis flooring store

How are engineered hardwood floors installed?

Engineered hardwood floors can be installed with the following methods:

  • Floating
  • Glue down
  • Staple down
  • Nail down

Floating a floor is locking the planks together like puzzle pieces. The “click and lock” system is laid over a subfloor. The tongue and groove joints connect the planks to one another.

You can also glue down engineered hardwood floors. Your contractor will create a chalk line to act as a guide. A gluing area is created for the first row. After placing it, planks are staggered and tapped into a place with a plastic mallet.

Stapling is another option. The first row is drilled and nailed close to the wall. The following two will be stapled slightly above the tongue with a pneumatic staple gun. The final rows are face-nailed and holes are camouflaged with wood filler.

Nailing down your engineered hardwood floors is the final choice. Board tongues face the center of the room. Holes are pre-drilled and a nail punch fills holes with wood filler. For the following rows, a pneumatic nail gun gets the nails above the board tongues. Lastly, your contractor will countersink rows in the middle and the final rows are face-nailed.

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