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Hardwood can enhance gym aesthetics and functionality remarkably

A durable material that takes longer to show wear and tear, hardwood is a natural choice. It will give your gym an upscale and refined look, while still functional.
Hardwood gym floors are versatile and match several color schemes. Whether you're running a massive gym or offering a smaller, more intimate workout space doesn't matter. 

What are hardwood gym floors?

Hardwood gym floors are a solid choice for any workout space. Made of several wooden planks, they lay on your floors without issue and come in several colors and varieties.

Is it time to renovate your workout space? If it is, consider installing hardwood gym floors, an amazing hidden gem. If you're not convinced, here are some of the reasons customers at Champion Floor Company in St. Louis choose these floors:

  • Highly durable
  • No shock
  • Amazing aesthetic
  • Simple to find

Hardwood floors have some of the highest hardness ratings there are. Heavy workout machines and high foot traffic are magnets for wear and tear, but hardwood resists it.
Shock resistance is crucial in a gym. Hardwood bounces back when pressure is applied and only wears athletes out slowly.

Hardwood gym floors give your patrons something beautiful to look at while they work out. It's also easy to paint court lines and logos on. Common woods like maple are available at Champion Floor Company in St. Louis. There are several affordable options if you're covering a large space. Contact the St. Louis flooring store

How are hardwood gym floors installed?

There are multiple ways to install hardwood gym floors. Your contractor will either nail or glue down the planks.

Here's how hardwood gym floors are nailed down.

First, your contractor creates a chalk line by the wall to know where to face nail the first row of planks. After face-nailing the first row, the boards are blind-nailed into place. After installing the first row, the next rows are attached by connecting the grooves and end tongues. Your contractor repeats the process until they get to the last row. In this row, the planks are rip sawed to leave a gap between the floor and the wall.

Gluing down your hardwood gym floor is another fantastic option.

Your contractor begins by applying flooring adhesive to your floor to prevent it from expanding and contracting from heat and humidity. The glue is spread with a notched trowel. Then the planks are laid across the floor, starting at the longest wall. They are pushed together like puzzle pieces and secured with straps to prevent the planks from moving until the glue dries.
Ask an expert from Champion Floor Company in St. Louis which installation method is better for you!

Why Choose Champion Floor Company for Hardwood Floor Installation?

With over 30 years of experience in business, we are proud to have earned a reputation for providing premium wood products and professional services at competitive prices in the Saint Louis area - including Creve Coeur, Ladue, Brentwood, Richmond Heights, Frontenac, Chesterfield, Maplewood, Kirkwood, Clayton, Ballwin, the CWE, and more.

Whether you're working on a large or modest scale, residential or commercial, we service all hardwood flooring installations.

Champion will help you decide on the right wood floor for your project, whether for your home, a flip, or a commercial project. Our wide range of hardwood floors will allow you to customize your home or commercial space to look exactly how you want it.

We offer free consultation, expert installation, high-quality finishing, and exceptional results.

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