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Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation With Champion Floor

If you need new luxury vinyl flooring, stop by Champion Floor Company in St. Louis. With top-quality products made from durable materials, you can't go wrong.
We have options ranging from vinyl sheets to luxury vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tile. Did we mention some of our products are waterproof?

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What Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring Do We Install?

Luxury flooring of vinyl is one of the most versatile options you can choose. The team at Champion Floor Company has numerous colors and styles available to suit your needs. We offer the following:

  • Vinyl Sheet: Our customers love this option because of its durability, low maintenance, and various styles. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is ideal for areas with high foot traffic, and it resists scratches, dents, and water damage.
  • Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank: Our vinyl plank floors are made from multiple layers to prevent water from seeping through to the subfloor. Additionally, a thick layer of PVC makes it look like authentic hardwood. The top layer resists scratches and stains, and the middle layer provides stability and durability. The bottom layer has a felt or latex backing that protects the subfloor from moisture.
  • Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Tile: These tiles bear similarities to LVP, but look more like stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile. It has a high-density core, which makes it more durable than traditional vinyl. Additionally, it has a wear layer to protect it from scratches and stains. Choosing this flooring is great because it requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.

At Champion Floor Company in St. Louis, we offer top-quality luxury vinyl floors. Our team will promptly and efficiently help you find the quality products you are looking for. When you are ready to install your new flooring, our contractors are happy to help. Call or visit our showroom today!

How Does Champion Floor Company Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

The team at Champion Floor Company prides itself on our efficient installation. That's why we have a certain way of getting our jobs done. The process may vary depending on the type of flooring you are installing, but here are the steps we follow for luxury vinyl flooring projects.

Consultation and Preparation

Our floor installation process begins with a consultation. It's an opportunity to discuss your flooring needs and preferences. Our team will help you choose a luxury vinyl flooring option that fits your style, budget, and space.

Following your consultation, we will schedule a measurement appointment. Our contractors will measure your room(s), so we can order the correct amount of flooring material.

Before installation, our team will remove any existing flooring material. It gives us a clean and level surface for the new flooring to be laid properly.

Next, we will prepare the subfloor for the new luxury vinyl flooring installation. This may involve leveling, sanding, or filling any cracks or gaps to ensure that the surface is smooth and even.

champion floor luxury vinyl
champion floor luxury vinyl


Now, we will begin installing your new luxury vinyl flooring. Our team takes care to ensure that the installation is done with precision so your flooring lasts for years to come.

After the installation is complete, we will add baseboards, trims, and transitions to give your new flooring a polished and professional look.

Finally, our team will clean up the job site, leaving your space clean and ready to enjoy your beautiful new luxury vinyl flooring.

At Champion Floor Company, we are committed to providing efficient service. Whether we're installing vinyl planks, tiles, or sheets, we are here to help. By offering a wide array of luxury vinyl flooring options, our team has something to suit your needs. Call or visit our St. Louis showroom today!

Luxury Vinyl Floor Installation FAQs

Can luxury vinyl flooring be installed over existing flooring?

In most cases, luxury vinyl flooring can be installed over existing flooring as long as the subfloor is level and in good condition. Our contractor will assess the condition of your existing flooring during your consultation and will determine whether the flooring can be left in place or if it needs to be removed.

How do I maintain my luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is low maintenance and easy to clean. Regular sweeping or vacuuming, and mopping with a mild cleaning solution will keep your floors looking their best. Stay away from abrasive cleaners or excessive water.

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Champion Floor Company has a mission of offering homeowners various options regarding luxury flooring for their homes.

If you're unsure what flooring would work best in your home or business, just let us know. Our team is happy to provide recommendations based on your needs. We have extensive knowledge to guide you through any flooring project.

We want to deliver the "wow factor" every time, so we listen closely to our client's needs and wants and then communicate best-fit products that match what they wish to accomplish.

Please give us a call on the phone or visit our showroom in person to speak with our dedicated team members, who would be happy to help get your project successfully off the ground.

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