Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. If you’ve recently invested in or have hardwood floors, you’ll want to know how to maintain them to keep them shiny and new. With proper care and a few simple habits, you can protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors.   Dust

How to Keep Your Floors Looking New

When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your home, there are a lot of options. Hardwood is a popular choice and might be the first type that comes to mind if you consider redoing your floors. There are different hardwood types, but hardwood floors are generally a natural, durable option. This post will

Hardwood Flooring vs. Other Types of Flooring: A Comparison

If you’re redoing your floors, you’ll want to consider how the type of flooring you choose will affect the resale value of your home. There is no doubt that hardwood floors are the best choice if you’re looking to boost your home value. That being said, they are typically more expensive than other flooring options,

Hardwood Flooring and Home Value: The Relationship Explained

Hardwood floors are a beautiful, timeless addition to any home. They are stylish, add value to your house, and hardwood floors will last a very long time with proper care and maintenance. Proper installation is essential if you are considering hardwood floors for a new home or redoing your existing floors. There are many types

Hardwood Flooring Installation: What You Need to Know

Carpets or floors? It’s a question people ask themselves as soon as they move into a place and start thinking how to design it to their liking. Both have their pros and cons to keep in mind. By comparing and contrasting these differences, you can determine which one is right for you. You have to

Carpets vs. floors – which one is right for you?

A nice hardwood floor is a source of pride. Most hardwood floors take between 20 and 30 years to show damage with proper care. Refinishing them will extend their lifespan. So when is the best time to refinish and keep it looking like new?  There are some telltale signs to look out for. Keeping an

When to refinish floors