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Enhancing Your Space with Carpet: A Detailed Guide

Revitalizing your home's interior can be as straightforward as updating your flooring. Luckily, carpet installation offers a quick and transformative solution. Carpets come in various styles and textures. They not only provide aesthetic enhancement, but also practical benefits. Getting carpets installed in your home or business provides warmth and comfort. They are particularly suitable for homes with children, offering a safe and soft surface.

Moreover, carpets can be an excellent choice for covering up existing flooring imperfections. Having a professional install carpeting in your St. Louis home or business is a wise choice. Let's explore carpet's unique installation process.

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Preparing for Carpet Installation

Effective preparation is key to a smooth carpet installation process. Here’s what needs to be done:

Precise Measurements: The contractor will measure the room to ensure efficient carpet installation. Accurate room measurements are essential. The process is completed before ordering the carpet to know how much the project requires. Purchasing extra carpet (about 10-20% more) is recommended to provide complete coverage. 

Clear the Area: Remove furniture, electronics, and breakables to facilitate easy access and protect your valuables.

Door Adjustments: Carpets are generally thicker than other flooring types. Door heights may need to be modified to accommodate the new carpet, your technician can address this during the installation of the carpeting. 

Temperature Control: Some carpets require acclimation time before the carpet can be installed. Your sales team will let you know in advance - but be sure to keep the heating or cooling on in the home while the carpet is acclimating. 

Installation Day

Installation day has finally arrived. Here’s the typical process:

Subfloor Preparation: A subfloor matters. Depending on your current flooring, adjustments like removing baseboards may be required.

Tack Strips and Padding Installation: Tack strips are installed around the room's edges to anchor the carpet. Then, padding is laid for added comfort and noise reduction. Additionally, it is required to reduce wear and tear, and many manufacturers require the padding for warranty purposes

Carpet Placement: The carpet is cut, and laid. Seams are fused using specialized tools.

Stretching and Anchoring: The carpet is stretched and secured to the tack strips, ensuring a smooth, wrinkle-free surface.

Final Touches: Transition strips are added where the carpet meets other flooring types.

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Post-Installation Care: Ensuring Longevity

Like with any type of flooring, carpet requires maintenance to last. After installation, it's important to maintain your new carpet. Regular vacuuming and prompt stain removal will keep your carpeting looking brand new. Professional cleaning is also recommended, and may be required for some manufacturer warranties. You should talk to your sales team for more details.

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Opting for professional carpet installers from Champion Floor Company in St. Louis ensures a seamless and efficient process. Our experts have the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle various carpet and room configurations, guaranteeing a beautiful finish.

Carpet is a great type of flooring, and professional installation will ensure it lasts for years to come. There are several types of carpet to choose from. Let our team help you choose the perfect carpet for your home or business And our technicians provide quality service with professional installations. 

Carpet installation is more than just laying down a new floor covering; it's about transforming your space into a comfortable, stylish, and welcoming area. Trust our St. Louis flooring specialists to bring your vision to life with precision and expertise. For top-quality carpet installation services, call or visit our showroom today.

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